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Walami Trail

The Walami Trail is about 6km away from Nanan Visitor Center and part of the eastern section for the Japanese Occupation Era Batongguan Traversing Trail. During that time, facilities such as Police stations, guest houses, education institutes and clinics were established in Shanfeng, Jiasin and Walami along the route. The Trail goes up along with the Lakulaku River valley, containing intact preservation of broad-leaved and cryptomerioides forests at medium-low altitude. These spots breed many animals and insects, as well as having most the frequent activities of Formosan Black Bear.

Several waterfalls and suspension bridges of different sizes would be met along the route of Walami Trail. Among them, the Shanfeng Waterfall next to the Shanfeng Suspension Bridge 2 is most magnificent and the resting platform under the suspension bridge provides the best observatory. Moreover, some trials are still kept with remains from the Japanese Occupation Era; for instance, spots such as the Shanfeng Suspension Bridge 2 and Kaxipanan Monument are worth visit. However, please note that no application for Park access is required at Shanfeng Hiking Gate-Jiasin section of Walami Trail, but an application at the Nanan Visitor Center must be made in advance since the section after Jiasin is an ecologically protected area of the Yushan National Park.