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Zongzhiguan Trail

The “Jhongjhihguan Trail” is about 20km away from the Meishan Visitor Center. It is part of the Japanese Occupation Era Guan Mountain Traversing Trail and the most intact section preserved nowadays. The total distance from the Jhongjhihguan Trail to the Tianchih Trail is about 3.7km and historical remains along the Trail were preserved very well, which include the Charcoal Kiln and the Jhongjhihguan Police Station from the Japanese Occupation Era. Along the Trail route, huge Red Cypress Sacred tree and beautiful scene of Tianchih can also be seen. In the Tianchih Recreation Area, there is an Evergreen Shrine built in the memories of personnel who died on duty during the construction of the Southern Cross-Island Highway. Magnificent mountain views around can be observed from a distance at the observatory in front of the Shrine.

The Trail provides endless fun from hiking, enjoying nature by admiring the beautiful sceneries and recalling memories of past history.