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Humanity change of Yushan


The home range of Bunun people covered the whole Central Mountains. Their ancestors originally lived on the western plain of Taiwan and only migrated to the central mountains through the valley of the Jhuoshuei River in approximately 17th Century. Currently, there is only 1 Bunun village in Yushan National Park, namely the 1st Neighborhood, Dongpu Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County.

The 1st Neighborhood, Dongpu Village is located at the intersection of the Chenyoulan River and the Shalisian River. The name “Dongpu” refers to “TONPO” in the aboriginal dialect Tsou, which literally means “Axe”. The story was told that Tsou people used to produce axes here and Bunun people called the place “HANUPAN”, which literally means “Hunting field”. Therefore, we learned that the place was home range to wild animals in the past.