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Tataka Visitor Center

The Tataka Visitor Center is located in Sinyi Township, Nantou County. The name “TATAKA” comes from the aboriginal language of Tsou and literally means “wide place with flat grassland”. Sitting at an altitude of 2,610m, Tataka is the highest place among New Central Cross-island Highway and also the location for Tataka Visitor Center.

The Exhibition Room in the Visitor Center introduces animal/plant ecology, change of geological terrain, river flow, Bunun and Tsou cultures, as well as history and environmental topics over Mt. Jade. It also provides vibrant and fun display and interaction including AR projection, Q&A roulette, animal/plant specimens, animal puzzles, and ecological films. If you wish to thoroughly learn relevant knowledge of the Yushan National Park, Tataka Visitor Center is the best choice.

The recreation area outside Tataka Visitor Center is established with several trails and each has its own features. You may observe the ecology of animals and plants including broad-leaved trees, maple trees, cuckoo birds, Formosan macaque, Formosan Reeve’s Muntjac, Yellow-throated marten, Formosan laughing thrush and Mikado Pheasant at medium-high altitude. On the New Central Cross-island Highway, you will see a vast sea of clouds and misty mountains. We recommend a visit to the Tataka Recreation Area with parents and enjoy a meaningful journey of ecology at the national park.