1. Altitude Ascending Principles Prevention is always better than treatment. Reduce the rate of ascending to give the body sufficient time in adapting to changes in altitude.
  2. General prevention principle: Include bringing along oxygen tanks or portable pressure breathing assister. Avoid severe activities, keep warm, do not smoke, do not consume alcoholic drinks and consume tranquilizer, eat hi-carbohydrate food, avoid eating food that emit gas during decomposition (e.g. beans or carbonated drinks). These prevention measures can reduce or avoid the outbreak of mountain sickness.
  3. Medicinal Prevention In terms of medicinal prevention, proven effective medicines to prevent mountain sickness include Diamox acetazolamide, dexamethasone and nifedipine. For those who are allergic to ammonium sulfate dosage and Lima beans, and sufferers of G-6-PD deficiency, the usage of Diamox acetazolamide is strictly prohibited.

Reference: Mountain Hiking Medical Handbook (Chapter 6----Mountain Sickness)