Management Authorities of Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of the Interior
Yushan National Park Headquarters, Construction and Planning Administration, Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as Yushan National Park headquarters), has set forth the following regulations to protect the park's ecological resources, scenic areas, and important historical sites.
These regulations apply to Yushan National Park ecologically protected areas, special scenic areas, and historical sites, etc. (hereinafter referred to as protected areas) contained within the boundaries of Yushan National Park.
Before entering protected areas, application must be made at Yushan National Park headquarters. Entrance into protected areas is prohibited without permission from Yushan National Park headquarters.
To apply for permission to enter protected areas, the proper application form must be filled out and submitted along with required information. Application must be made at least seven days before departure. If the application is approved, a permit will be granted. To apply for an entry permit the following is required:
(a) Application form: including name of applicant (signature), address, telephone number, name of group leader, reason for entering protected areas, number of members in the group,destinations, dates of entry and remarks, etc.
(b) Related information: Background information, including first and last names, gender, date of birth,I.D. number, occupation, address and telephone number, of group leader and members. Guides must submit a photocopy of their guide certificate.
(c) Itinerary: Including destinations, dates, routes, accommodation, preparations, methods of waste disposal, accident plan, etc.
To avoid upsetting the ecological balance in protected areas, limits may be placed on the number of people allowed to enter protected areas.
Those entering protected areas must comply with the following regulations:
(a) Carry the proper permits, approved name list and identification, and be prepared to show these to park rangers or Yushan National Park headquarters staff.
(b) Except for academic research purposes, those wishing to obtain specimens must receive prior  approval from Yushan National Park headquarters (special permit). Otherwise, collecting animal, plant, fossil or mineral specimens is strictly prohibited. Disturbing, capturing or hunting wildlife is  also strictly forbidden.
(c) Visitors and hikers (other than academic researchers and management staff) must not leave hiking trails or approved locations without prior permission.
(d) Polluting of the environment is strictly prohibited. All litter and items carried into protected areas must be taken out of these areas upon leaving.
(e) Except in designated areas, campfires, noise, voice amplification equipment and playing of music are prohibited.
(f) Other regulations as stated in the National Park Act.
Due to safety and environmental protection considerations, protected areas may be closed in cases of typhoon, forest fire or other disaster.
If those holding a permit are not allowed into protected areas due to implementation of regulation 7, or if permit is issued but applicant is unable to use it on the approved date, the permit automatically becomes invalid. Application must be made again to enter protected areas at a later date.
Those entering protected areas must take precautions due to the presence of wasps, poisonous snakes, etc., adverse weather conditions and precipitous topography.
Those who fail to comply with these regulations will be punished according to Articles 14 to 26 of the National Park Act, and any other related regulations.