Meishan Visitor Center

Meishan Visitor Center

  • Address:No. 44-5, Meishan Alley, Taoyuan Township, Kaohsiung County
  • Opening Hours:9.00-16.30 daily
  • Closing Days:The Center is close on the second Tuesday of each month or the following day if coincided with a national holiday.
  • Center's Tel:886-7- 6866181
  • Center's Fax:886-7- 6866128
  • (Interpretation And Education Section)

Audio-visual room showing
Showtimes: 10:00、11:00、13:30、15:30
Additional holiday showtimes : 09:00、14:30

Coat of Many Colors: January, April, July, October 
Yushan Flight: February, May, August, November 
Introduction to Yushan National Park: March, June, September, December

 Free Guided Tours:
Group reservations: 
Groups of 20 or more may make reservations at least 3 days in advance by phone. Programs are available in the following languages: Mandarin, English, Japanese, Taiwanese, Hakka and Bunun. Please specify a language when making a reservation.


Yuli- Zhuolu (Provincial Highway 30)
Yuli─(8K)→Zhuolu─(2K)→Nanan Visitor Center─(6K)→Shanfeng Hiking Entrance