Transportation Condition:

 Shueli and Tataka area:

  1. Shueili, Nantou─(30k)→Heshe─(58k)→Tataka Visitor Center
  2. Due to the railway renovation of Taiwan railway administration, railway Jiji line has been temporary closed from 2010/04/15 and the construction period will end in 2011/01/24. Trains run only to longchuan station. Buses are available from Longchuan station to Shueli and Che-chen station.
  3. Alishan forest railways are still under maintenance.
  4.  Drive extra careful on Provincial Highway 21, due to the unstable rock formations.
  5.  Provincial Highway 21 easily gets frozen in winter times, please drive carefully.

 Nanhan, Meishan Area:

  1. Due to the typhoon Morakot 2009, Provincial Highway 20 damaged seriously. Provincial Highway 20: 95km ~ 110km prohibited trucks and buses passing through (Total weight: over 3.5tons and buses over 10 people)
  2. Provincial Highway 20: 110km ~ 147km no entry allowed
  3. Provincial Highway 20 is not stable in its rock formation and easily occur collapses and interruptions
  4. Meishan visitor center does not provide accommodation and food service.
  5. Meishan youth activity center provides accommodation and food. (Reservation required)
  6. Provincial Highway 20 easily gets frozen in winter times, please drive carefully.

 Nanan, Walami area:
  1. Yuli─(8k)→Jhuolu─(2k)→Nanan Visitor Center─(6k)→Shanfong Entrance
  2. Killa bees are abundant from June to November. Be extra careful.
  3. Poisonous snakes are located around the area, do not disturb them while their occurrence, let them leave quietly. 
  4. Blood sucking leeches inhabit around the damp and water area, especially in rain condition.
  5. No accommodation provided in the Nanan visitor center.

 Contact numbers: Yushan National Park Headquarters: 049-2773121 ext 204, 209
 Nanan visitor center: 038-8887560 
 Paiyun Mountaineering safety center: 049-2702228
 Meishan visitor center: 07-6866181 
 Tataka visitor center:: 049-2702200
 Reference resources: 
 Kuojuang Transportation Company:
 Tourism Bureau Taiwan:
 Meishan youth activity center: 07-6866166 
 Chiayi visitor center: 05-222-8904
 Alishan visitor center: 05-2593900