Prevent forest fires:
  • Burning of trees, grass and paper money are prohibited.
  • No littering of cigarette butts.
  • No campfires.

 Protect the wildlife:
  • No hunting or trapping of animals allowed.
  • No fishing allowed.
  • Releasing domesticated animals into the wild is prohibited.
  • Collecting, removing, trading, consuming or damaging any plant or animal life and mineral is prohibited.

 Protect the ecological environment:
  • Do not deviate from trails and paths.
  • Do not drive and/or park vehicles in non-designated areas.
  • Do not make excessive noise. No loud stereos.
  • Fireworks are prohibited.
  • No littering of any kind.
  • No hanging and placing of signs, banners, ribbons and other objects allowed.   
  • Destroying, marking, carving and defacing trees, rocks, signs, public facilities are prohibited.
  • Unauthorized vending is prohibited.
  • Do not wash oily utensils or use detergents in rivers or creeks.
  • Leave natural and historical items in place.
  • Do not leave garbage or waste behind.
  • Protect your and others’ safety:
  • Follow hiking and climbing rules and regulations.
  • Do not damage or destroy cabins, trails, railings, and signs.
  • Do not linger at rock falling areas, boulders, and cliffs.