How to get there
This route is a non-loop hiking trail with two access points at Dongpu (Nantou County) and Yulin Bridge on Yuli Forest Road (Hualien County). Directions to the trailhead areas are as followed:

  • Dongpu Trail Entrance may be accessed from Shuili (Nantou County); Take Highway 21 to Heshe and then turn towards Dongpu. You may also take Yunlin Bus to Dongpu from Shuili.

  • Access to the Trail Entrance at Yulin Bridge on the Yuli Forest Trail is not as convenient as the Dongpu entrance; hiring a vehicle to reach the Trail Entrance is recommended. Cars without four-wheel drive are allowed as far as the Zhongping Checkpoint at Zhongping Village.4WD vehicles may reach as far as the Forest Cabin at Yuli Forest Road marker 19K. No vehicular access allowed beyond this point.

Bus Routes(Estimated time)
  1. From Shuili (Nantou County) to Heshe is about 45-50 minutes, to Dongpu Hot-spring is about 15-20 minutes.
  2. From Yuli (Hualien) to Yuli Forest Road 19K Nursery takes about an hour and 40 minutes.