Estimated Walking Time
Batongguan Trail Schedule

Western Section:

From the Dongpu trailhead to Yunlong Waterfall takes about 110 to 165 minutes; from Yunlong Waterfall to Lele Lodge is about 55-65 minutes; Lele Lodge to Guangao Hiking Service Station is about 145 to 280 minutes; Guangao Hiking Service Station to Batongguan takes roughly 55-70 minutes; Batongguan to Banaiyik, 90-100 minutes; Banaiyik to Central Gold Mine Lodge, 55-60 minutes; Central Gold Mine Lodge to Dujuan Camp Site is about 130-170 minutes; Dujuan Camp Site to South Camp Site takes roughly 120-125 minutes; South Camp Site to Dashueiku Lodge takes about 45-70 minutes

Eastern Section:

Dashuiku Lodge to Miyasang Station takes about 140-160 minutes; to Tomas Station takes 125-160 minutes; to Shirus Station is about 360-420 minutes; to Shanfeng trailhead takes roughly 15-20 minutes; to Nanan Visitor Center is about 15-20 minutes.