Tataka is a word from the Tsou Aboriginal language, which means wide-open and flat grassland. At  2,610 meters, Tataka is the highest point in the New Central Cross-Island Highway. It is also the crossing point of Highway 18 and Highway 21. Towards Chiayi Alishan (or Ali Mountain) is Highway 18, going towards Nantou Xinyi is Highway 21.
In Tataka, one can look east and see the peaks of Yushan , look west and discover Mt. Zhu and Tataka Mountain range across Shenmu Creek. At dawn and dusk, mountain mists and clouds form between the peaks. At the beginning of winter, the view becomes even more extraordinary when the Taiwan Reddening Maples become red and dots the green mountain ranges. 
Yushan National Park has set up a recreational area here at Tataka with trails and a visitor center with guides and multimedia installations, which will enhance the ecological experience.
The Dongpu Grassland
Located opposite to the Tataka Visitor Center, this is a small plain covered with dwarf bamboos. The trail here is paved with wood beams, which makes it easy to walk on. It offers panoramic views of the Yushan Main Peak.

Gigantic Hemlock Fir
Located at 1.4km of the Nanxi Forest Road, this is a gigantic hemlock fir tree. It is tall with a large trunk. It resembles a large, natural green umbrella.  Resting underneath its shades would enable one to feel the flourishing vitality of the gigantic tree.

Linjhih Mountain
With an elevation of approximately 2854m, the hilltop is wide and spacious. From here, it offers panoramic view on the natural landscape of the entire Yushan Mountain Range, Alishan Mountain Range, and the mid-southern section of Yushan Mountain Range.

Lulin Mountain
At 2881m above sea level, lush forests once provided an excellent habitat for herds of deer in the bygone days. This was where the place derived its name from. Thereafter, an outbreak of forest fire engulfed the entire forest except for the remnants of white wood forest at the mountain slope. Lulin Mountain also provides many great vista points of the mountain ranges.  

The Tataka Anbu/Saddle
Tataka in the Tsou language  means open flat land. This is currently the entrance to Yushan.  With an elevation of 2600m, it is the intersection of the Yushan and Alishan Mountain Range. It is also the watershed for Shalisian River and Nanzihsian River.
New Central Cross-Island Highway Recreation System Map