Northwestern Park(English)='Northwestern
This area is located on the northwest side of Yushan National Park, including the areas of New Central Cross-Island Highway,, Tataka, Dongpu, Guangao, Batongguan, Yushan Main Peak, and Nanxi Forest Road…etc. 

Major Attractions:
Natural geological sights include the highest point in Northeastern Asia -  Yushan Main Peak, Tataka Watershed, Nanzixian Creek, Chenyoulan Creek Valley, Jinmentong Cliff, Father-and-Son Cliff, and Batongguan Watershed…etc.

In this area there are scenic white forests, fir, hemlock spruce,  the Batongguan grassland, among other native forests and highland tundra plants The native  conifer and broad-leaf forests in the Chenyoulan Creek and Shalixian Creek area have abundant animal and botanical resources, including various bird species, butterflies, Formosan muntjacs, and Formosan macaques.

Cultural Scenic Spots include the Temple of the Mountain God at the west peak, Yushan Weather Station at the north peak, Batongguan Ancient Trail, and Bunun aboriginal villages.

Main Tourist Routes
Along the New Central Cross-Island Highway and the Tataka Recreational Area.