Paiyun Mountaineering Center

Paiyun Visitor Center
  • Address: No.151, Taiping Lane, Tongfu Village, Sinyi Township, Nantou County  

  • Opening Hours:06:30~16:30 during mountain-open period; 09:00~16:30 during mountain-closed period

  • Closing Days:Closed on Chinese New Year Eve and publicoffice closing days announced by the central administration.

  • Center's Tel:886-49-2702228

  • Center's Fax:886-49-2702230
  • Email:None (Interpretation and Education Section)

Audio-visual room showing
Multi-media enjoyment displayed at the audio-visual room:
 Six playing sessions: 

09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00, 15:30         

Group reservation: 

For groups which are unable to attend the above 20 people mentioned playing sessions, please make reservation for added sessions 3 days in advance via telephone or internet.

Programs played at the audio-visual room:

Mountaineering to Yushan
Tracing Ancient Footsteps
Yushan 3D Theater

Visiting the exhibition room:

Open for free visits