Adamello Brenta Nature Park, the largest protected area in the Italian Province of Trento, comprises the dolomite mountains of the Brenta Group and part of the Adamello-Presanella Massif. The purpose of the Park is ambitious: assisting people in rediscovering and reaffirming their ancient relationship with nature. This means that natural resources found within the Park territory are to be exploited in a way respectful of nature and allowing future generations to enjoy what our forefathers work hard on and left us.
The extraordinary naturalistic richness of the Park is due to the two completely different worlds it encloses. On the eastern side of the Park there are the Brenta Dolomites, added in June 2009 to UNESCO's world heritage list: rock castles, towers, spires, hazardous pinnacles and immense rock faces. These rocks testify to the presence of an ancient sea, on whose sea beds sediments accumulated for thousands of years before turning into stones. On the western side, the imposing Adamello Brenta Group mainly consists of very hard tonalite rocks (granite) formed by volcanic magma ascended to surface and here stuck.
In 2008 the Adamello Brenta Nature Park was declared Geopark, joining the UNESCO European and Global Geopark Network: it is an important recognition due to the extraordinary characteristics of its geological heritage, the sustainable tourism strategy and the activities proposed in geotouristic field in order to foster an environment culture and to protect, improve and enhance its geologic heritage.

 The Park in figures
  • 1st park in Europe with ISO 14001 certification
  • 5 species of amphibian
  • 10 bears released as part of the Life Ursus project
  • 11species of reptile
  • 15 species of fish
  • 18 pairs of golden eagles
  • 24 bed places in the Mavignola hostel
  • 39 municipalities in the Park
  • 48 lakes
  • 51 species of mammal
  • 96 species of nesting bird
  • 100 and more people working in the Park in various ways
  • 620 km² of surface area
  • 700 km of marked footpaths and trails
  • 1200 species of plant
  • 1300 red deer
  • 1967 the founding date, Italy's first regional park
  • 1988 the year the provincial law setting up the Trentino parks of Adamello Brenta and Paneveggio Pale di San Martino was passed
  • 1999 the year the Park Plan was approved
  • 2006 registration with EMAS and signing of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
  • 3558 m a.m.s.l., the altitude of Cima Presanella, the highest mountain in the Trentino
  • 3600 roe deer  
  • 7300 chamois
  • 25 million trees more than two metres high

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