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Southern Section Two Trail


Guangao Mountaineering Service Station (has been closed by the Forestry Bureau)

County/City Located Nantou County XinyiTownship Location Northwestern
Elevation 2490M Type Reinforced concrete structure
Capacity 0
Facility Details Facility:Solar power, toilets . Water source:Nearby water source
Capacity 0


hiking route Southern Section Two Trail
Located in the lower saddle part of Batongguan Mountain and Junda Mountain ridge, it is under the jurisdiction of the Forestry Bureau and equipped with solar lighting, toilets and picnic chairs and tables. (Service to the public has been closed as the equipment has been in disrepair and is not usable)

Important Notes:
◎The slope by the cabin in Guangao has suffered from severe collapse and is now a danger zone prone to landslides. The Nantou Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau closed the facility on September 15, 2010. Please apply for your accommodation at "Lele Cabin" and "Banaiyike Campground" (Guangaoping is an important takeoff and landing spot for helicopters and not a campground, visitors who camp in the area may cause flight safety issues and delay rescue).
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