Main Events for Yushan National Park Headquarters (November 2017)
Announcement Date:2017/11/01  
Expires Date:2018/12/31 
Main Events for Yushan National Park Headquarters (November 2017)
11/1~30 Course Proposal for Environmental Education (“Together with Monkeys”, “Aria of Tataka”, “Bear loves Yushan” and “Mountaineering Education”)
11/1~30 Pottery Fun – Yushan Wood Fired Special Exhibition
11/11, 25 Ecological Seminar for Peripheral Regions around Alishan
11/1-30 Tataka Macaque Ecology Photography Exhibition
11/24 Let’s Go! Learn About the Bunun Tribe Together
※ Any changes to the aforementioned activities will be announced on the YSNPH website.

★ Current Traffic Conditions for the Park:
※ Starting from October 11th of 2017 till February 28th of 2018 (not applicable on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays), 10 minutes will be permitted to pass through per every o’clock for the 115K~116K section of Taiwan Provisional Highway No.21 during 8:00am to 12:00pm in the morning, and 13:00pm to 17:00pm in the afternoon.
※ Open measures for Class A Buses between the 110K~145K section of Taiwan Provisional Highway No.21: Xinyi towards Alishan direction (8:00am~11:00am), Alishan towards Xinyi direction (14:00pm~16:00pm).
※ Taiwan Provincial Highway No. 20 Southern Cross-Island Highway is currently impassable.
※ Taiwan Provisional Highway No.18 (Alishan Express Way): passable.
Inquiry No.: Alishan Construction Section 05-2592426