Main Events for Yushan National Park Headquarters (October 2017)
Announcement Date:2017/10/01  
Expires Date:2018/12/31 
10/1~31 “Together with Monkeys”, “Aria of Tataka”, “Bear loves Yushan” and “Mountaineering Education”
10/28 “2017 Film Festival of Taiwan National Parks Event –Yushan Line, Postcards from Nanan, Taroko Landscape, Echoing Taroko”
10/1~31 Pottery Fun – Yushan Wood Fired Special Exhibition
10/8-9 Bunun Cultural Exhibition Event
10/8-9, 28 Ecological Seminar for Peripheral Regions around Alishan
10/1-31 Tataka macaque ecology photography exhibition
10/14 Get Close to the Most Beautiful Hectare of Field at the Foot of Yushan “Pilgrimage to Tribe” Event
10/21, 28 Come to Walami! “Getting Acquainted with Ancient Trails” Challenging Program

※ Any changes to the aforementioned activities will be announced on the YSNPH website.